ANSWER: Yes. The student loans were created just as fraudulently as the credit card debts. The system has been working with federally insured student loans because they were created under the same false, phony, money-out-of-thin-air process.

The DCS document content is undefeated and undefeatable.

So far, we still have a 100% success rate! Nevertheless, student loan borrowers are not protected by as many consumer protection laws as credit card borrowers are. Some experts have observed that the quasi-government agencies that make student loans are a little more persistent in pursuing the “repayment” of such “loans”. That is why, in an abundance of caution, we make you aware that if you use the DCS system for student loans, be mentally prepared for needing a little more patience than our credit card customers go through. If you fit with the 98% or 99% majority of DCS customers, you would be likely to win your student loan debt elimination administratively, without going to court. But even if you happen to be one of the 1% or 2% who are “lucky” enough to get sued, the good news is that we now have a growing legal team to assist our customers when needed. Of course they would charge their own fees, but generally they are very reasonable and low---like in the hundreds rather than thousands---as compared to typical attorneys. They have a 100% success rate in all cases where the client fully cooperated and followed the lawyer’s instructions entirely, and did not give up.