Some customers have received responses to the DCS letters with statements like the following: “When your account was opened with us and you used the credit card, you made a promise to pay for all goods and services provided through the related credit card transactions, as well as any associated fees. You renewed that promise each time you used your credit card.”


These customers have felt hurt, guilty, and accused by such statements, and have wondered how to respond. The key principle in law to be aware of in this context is this:

“Fraud vitiates the most solemn Contracts, documents and even judgments.”
—[U.S. vs. Throckmorton, 98 US 61, at pg. 65].

This means you can rely on the federal courts for your justification. When you originally signed the loan agreement, they had committed fraud by failing to disclose to you that they were not loaning any money at all, out of their accounts. They further failed to disclose to you that they were in violation of various lending acts and failed to perform under those definitions. They then play on your conscience by avoiding answering to those allegations, and instead, distracting your attention over to your so- called “promises.” It’s just like a magician trick. Diversion.


If they had truly, genuinely, actually, and authentically loaned real money out of their accounts, DON’T YOU THINK THEY WOULD BE HAPPY TO PROVE IT AND THE COURTS WOULD UPHOLD THEIR EVIDENCE? Thus it is through no fault of yours that these facts were not fully disclosed to you at the time of signing.

Since opening the account, YOU HAVE COME INTO NEW INFORMATION.

Therefore, do not fall for their tear-jerking pull at your honest heart strings. Why do you think the DCS system enjoys a 100% success rate? Why do you think it has never failed to eliminate the debts to which it is addressed? Do you think this would happen if there were a genuinely moral, ethical, or legal obligation on your part to repay something?


Just continue with the DCS system, wherever you happen to be in following the Instructions and the Flow Chart.