ANSWER: The concept of debt consolidation is contradictory to the debt CANCELLATION that DCS offers, because it assumes that the debt is valid, and therefore merely negotiates how to pay it. Therefore, if you wish to switch from consolidation/negotiation to complete cancellation and elimination, you will have to completely cancel all involvement with the consolidation company. It is probably best not to even mention to them the existence of DCS or its cancellation product, because the people who do consolidation make their living and their livelihood from the philosophy that the debt is valid. That is the foundation assumption on which their whole industry is based. It is an assumption which the DCS disproves, which could be frightening to the consolidation people. When they are frightened, they will react with any kind of frivolous arguments to try to refute what DCS is doing and discourage you from doing it. In other words, like any animal, they will defend their territory. It is sad. DCS rises to an entirely higher level of truth and success. It is immediately more freeing because it eliminates 100% of the debt; AND quicker, AND easier, AND more successful---100% successful! PLUS it is usually much less expensive than consolidation. That said, if you wish to switch, you would have to simply abandon, cancel, and withdraw from the entire consolidation relationship. Give them any reason you feel is truthful but not too revealing; Just something vague such as “I’ve found another approach I prefer to pursue. Thank you very much.” Then come back to our website and enroll